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HPH in the Community
April 1, 2021
Author: HydePark Leadership Team

Grayson Dean Racing

Promoting and diversifying the experiences of the youth to encompass non-traditional career paths is a pivotal aspect of our commitment to nurturing the next generation. A prime example of this is Grayson Dean Walcott, who has emerged as a racing sensation, prominently showcased in the “Baby Drivers” series on Discovery Plus. Not just limiting himself to local tracks, Grayson has astoundingly showcased his prowess on race circuits across the United States and Mexico. His exceptional talent and dedication led to his nomination as the 2022 Rookie of the Year. Recognizing and believing in his potential, HPH has proudly extended its support over the past three years, contributing a total of $20,000 to fuel Grayson’s dream of ascending to global racing prominence.

To learn more about Grayson visit: graysondeanracing.com