Hyde Park Hospitality (HPH) is a young—but dynamic and fast-growing—company built on deep roots in the food business. It was founded by Marc B. Brooks, a second-generation veteran of the industry, whose family-owned companies (Brooks Sausage and Brooks Foods) were two of the largest minority-owned manufacturers in the McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s supplier systems. Prior to HPH’s formation, Marc was the co-founder of MKMB Restaurants, the fourth-largest minority-owned Burger King franchisee, with 21 restaurants in the Midwest. Over the years Marc has also designed, operated and sold two American bistro restaurant concepts in Chicago,

Because of the company’s in-depth institutional knowledge of the food and facilities industries—from fine dining to airport concessions, safety training, building oversight, project management and preventative maintenance—the experienced professionals at Hyde Park Hospitality can offer a wide range of managerial services for both our partners and our end clients—all while working seamlessly behind the scenes.

These are just some of the tangibles we can provide. Equally as important are those intangibles that are harder to measure yet add much value. This includes the professional network that founder Marc Brooks has developed over his 20-plus years of founding, running, building and selling businesses, as well as his feet-on-the ground knowledge of Chicago and similar markets across the United States. HPH’s nimble size, which translates into a get-it-done-now approach, and its flexible business model, which can scale up or down to accommodate client needs at local, regional or national levels, result in strong contracts built on strong relationships. The company’s celebration of diversity and its commitment to giving back to the community support meaningful change.