The Hyde Park Hospitality team comprises more than 300 exceptional professionals whose backgrounds span a gamut of industries, organizational sizes and strategic roles. Collectively, this group amasses hundreds of years of experience in food and facilities management, which means they know how to respond to challenges with professionalism, efficiency and innovative thinking.

Members of our team have worked for some of the top organizations in the country, including Kraft, Citibank, Nestlé, Pillsbury, Groupon, Jones Lang LaSalle, General Motors, Marriott, HMS Host and McDonald’s Corporation. Our staff, most of whom come from managerial roles, have worked in a wide array of industries from food service and facilities management to manufacturing, banking, retail sales, consulting and engineering. They are valued not just for their experience and industry expertise, but also for their creative thought, attention to detail, ability to become part of our client’s team and, of course, for their commitment to the guiding principle of HPH: creating an exceptional client experience.